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  • erin brown

    erin brown

    mom, historian, traveler, creative, designer, bibliophile, story-teller, speaker, writer, and constantly curious lover of shoes.

  • JC Valdez

    JC Valdez

    Educator. Artist. Storyteller. Host of UNDERGROUND EDU.

  • Alex Tramble

    Alex Tramble

  • Chris McNutt

    Chris McNutt

    I'm an educator who wants to reconstruct schools. Let's start a movement! HS Digital Design & Media Educator & Founder of the Human Restoration Project.

  • Duane Bemister

    Duane Bemister

    Great Grandfather and architect of WebSonar

  • Corey Keyser

    Corey Keyser

    Math Teacher writing on Philosophy and Policy and Science and Education and Other Things. coreykeyser@gmail.com

  • Tim Cavey

    Tim Cavey

    Host of the @TeachersonFire 🎙podcast. MS Teacher. Big believer in Growth Mindset. EdTech should promote the 5 Cs. MEdL.

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